Monday, May 23, 2016

Crafty Dreams really do come true!

Crafty dreams really do come true! ♥

It was in the late-spring of 2011 that I submitted my first application for the Graphic 45 design team. My heart literally stopped when I was selected for round 2! Then the 2011-2012 design team was announced. I remember I woke up to email notifications the day the Graphic 45 blog announcement was made - my phone was literally "pinging" off the hook! It was then... on that very day... that my crafty dreams came true. I had always dreamed of being on the Graphic 45 design team, but thought with all the talent out there, how would I even be considered? But you know what? You never really know, unless you try. ♥

I came to love Graphic 45 back in 2010 when I was first introduced to Fashionista at my local scrapbook store. I fell in love with the color palette, the vintage imagery and design and the quality of the papers. It was then that I started posting videos on my YouTube channel "Mybutterflykisses12" of projects featuring Graphic 45. 

It's with a heavy heart that I had to make the decision this year to not apply for a 4th term with the Graphic 45 design team. The family behind the Graphic 45 name is nothing short of AMAZING! I want to give the most heartfelt "THANK YOU" to Diane Shultz, Aimee Filimoehala, Charee Filimoehala, and Joanna Harding for the most wonderful opportunity to design for Graphic 45. Not only have I made lifelong friends on the team, but being on the team was like being part of the family - and that alone, was very special to me. ♥

Today on the Graphic 45 blog is my farewell from the design team [me --> holding back the tears!] I hope you have time to run on over and peek and some of my favorite projects over the past year and a new project I created -- A Botanicabella tag album (sneak peek above)!

Click HERE to jump over to the Graphic 45 blog now.

I want to thank all my friends and followers alike for all the support over the years. This is not good-bye, but a brief "farewell for now". I hope to see you around social media... stay in touch! ♥

Much love and butterflykisses xoxo,



Sandie said...

This is sad news. I love your G45 projects, and will miss seeing them on the blog, but you have to do what's best for you. xx

Sharon said...

I will really miss seeing your work with any paper line. Always looked forward to your projects. Hope to see you back with G45 one day.

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Barbara said...

By leaving the Graphic 45 team I hope you will have time to restart the swaps!

samia hussain said...

nice post

Anonymous said...

Wondering if you are still out there creating? I miss your regular blogs and new designs. Any chance you will be back?