Friday, January 21, 2011

ATG Challenge for a cause!

(front of ATG)

Please join me on this fun challenge!

A winner will be selected on my YouTube channel on January 31st.

Learn more about this challenge and the deets by watching my video upload HERE. (All entries MUST be submitted via video response on YouTube please!)

Hope you join me to contribute to the Susan G. Komen for a Cure Foundation & also win some scrapbooking goodies while you're at it!

Here are some pics of my altered ATG for some inspiration. So what are you doin'.... get altering!! :-) LOL!

Have an awesome weekend,

Arlene :-)



*Note: If you don't have a pink ATG gun, thats OK... you can still participate whether your ATG is yellow, red or purple.... no matter! :-) You just need to follow the rest of the rules noted on the vid above.


Yoshiras time to craft said...

so cute.i was just looking at altering my pink atg.thanks for the inspiration

Nitasha said...

Your ATG is so blingin' cute! I just got my first ATG gun last month, so this is such great incentive to customize it! I've never made a video before, so even more of a challenge for me! lol! Hope I get a chance to join the challenge!

Anonymous said...

So Cute and I love it. Some people altered their ATG with spray paint to change the color and 2 to 3 days process. Time for me get mine soon.

Lucy =)

Tfriday said...

Hey Arlene, I have a naked ATG gun here and I'm pondering how to bling it I too bought the pink ATG and I'm all for Susan Komen cause. My mother had Breast Cancer so it's special to me. Thanks for the challenge... Hugs, Friday

mickeydee said...

Thank you for this challenge. It is such an awesome idea!

Primitive Seasons said...

Is there a way to play your videos and hear what you are saying because when I click on the video, your site music plays and drowns out the voice? THanks so much.


Teri said...

Great job on this!

Jody Morrow said...

OMG that is SO pretty! Love it.