Saturday, September 5, 2009

Blog award from Karin

I got a sweet blog award from Karin at Karin's Creaties. Thank you Karin!! :-) Part of accepting the award is telling 5 things about me, so here we go! :-)

1.) I love Japanese food... my favorite dish ---> Dragon Roll sushi. Yummy!
2.) I cannot go a single day without a cup of coffee
3.) It's nearly impossible for me to sleep before midnight (which is probably why I need the coffee! hehe!)
4.) I have this new addiction to Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist that I can't seem to shake (someone help!!!!) hahahaa... :-)
5.) The past few days I have been in this "scrappin' rut" where my creative mojo just took a momentary pause (still trying to overcome it... my expo mini album project is sitting on my craft desk staring back at me..... argh, I'm so behind!) ----> I'm working on putting up my next video, so please be patient with me as I snap out of it! hehe! :-)

That was so much fun! hehehe!

Now, we have many new members of the Deux Shabby Chic kit club that I'd like to hit up as they have showcased some awesome creations and fun blogs. I'm also awarding my girl Bona, as she is my creative partner in crime (hehe!) and a super fun blogger in hopes that she'll pass on the award to several of our other DSC members. Great way to learn more fun things about each other! :-)

Have an awesome weekend everyone, and here are the folks I'm passing on this "Creative Blogger" award to...

1.) Laura - Following the Paper Trail
2.) Sarah - A Purposeful Passion
3.) Tiffanie - Bedazzel
4.) Donna - Scrapsadaisee
5.) Bona - KeepOnScrappin


KeeponScrappin said...

AWWWWWW! Thank you Ar! You're awesome! I love receiving BLOG awards. It's so fun. Love ya!

Scrapsadaisee said...

Thank you so much Arlene! It's so awesome of you to think of me :-)

Sarah said...

Thanks Arlene- you are so sweet:) My first blog award!!! I am soooo blushing right now:)