Sunday, October 3, 2010

Graphic 45 "Hallowe'en in Wonderland" Tissue Roll Mini Album

I hit a "create" nerve when I was going through my scrapbooking stash and ran into a wad of tissue rolls I was saving for future mini album projects. I decided to take some of the tissue rolls and create a Halloween mini using Graphic 45's Hallowe'en in Wonderland paper collection -- LOVE this paper collection... then again, I love ALL Graphic 45's papers! hehe!

I'm including pictures of the completed project below. But for details, be sure to check out the YouTube vid. :-)

Thanks for stopping by everyone and have an AWESOME week!


(click on picture for larger view)


~* steph :) *~ said...

oo ar, your TP mini is gorgeous! looove it! wonderful details! love the g45 papers and images! thanks for sharing and hope you have a great week! *hugs* steph :)

Queena said...

Hi Arlene, I'm just amazed that this awesome mini came from tissue rolls! :) hehe Thanks for sharing and have a great week.

Banner Market said...

Absolutely beautiful in a creepy way of course ;) Amazing paper collection!


GORGEOUS!!!! I love all the details on this mini-mini :) You are such an inspiration!! I still have to make a TP mini.....maybe soon. Thanks for the inspiration!!
Hugs, T

Unknown said...

Great way to use those little scraps that I just couldn't throw away! I love your style. Everything you do has that "Arlene" look! Love it!!

Van (Vung) said...

This is beautiful. I have yet to create a tissue roll mini.

Ria said...

You make scary so beautiful. Thanks for sharing your work of art.


Rina said...

dude this is amazing! you are like the master of all G45, love how the TP rolls are like holders for tags, LOVE it. love the lace love the cutouts with mod podge!!!!!

Amy said...

Super cute! I love that collection! It just came in yesterday and I am so excited to play! TFS! Say hi to Bona for me! We miss her!

mamascrapper69 said...

I love this arlene. it came out so adorable. i have the 8x8 stack and its been sitting here forever. i still havent decided what to do with it. i dont have many cool things. but i can improvise. tfs said...

Love that little mini,sooo cute!

JoAnn V. ( said...

Love your mini and totally love your style! I love the way you layer your pieces - everything is so perfect! Thanks for sharing! :)


Ali Dantre said...

Hi Arlene, how are you sweetie?
I just watched vid...great use for tissue rolls wooo hooo! fabulous idea. Im just starting a Alice I.W hat book for my Son he's 19! thanks so so much for your inspiration. I love watching your vids.
You're a star!
Ali .xx

maryps said...

AMAZING! Love your style! Your videos are so inspiring. Thank you for sharing with us not-as-gifted paper crafters! :D

patthy said...

Hello !!

I would just say that I LOVE your mini soooo much that I have make the same, I have buy the papers just for make the same mini.
Your are sooo talented !!!
See on my blog :
Thanks sooo much for sharing this gorgeous mini >_<

emma said...

wow, i can't help but wish i had your creativity! i do scrapbooks and other projects and plan to join a design team but i don't think i'm at that level yet.. i was wondering if you sell any of your mini albums coz i would love to have one as a keepsake and more importantly, for creative inspiration!
emma santiago