Sunday, May 30, 2010

June Tag Swap Details!

*** UPDATE July 11, 2010: June tags will be shipping Monday, July 12th (Int'l swappers will be invoiced and tags will ship once shipping costs are paid on PayPal.) Sorry for the delay ladies as I was away on vacation earlier this month.

Please note that Groups 4 & 5 will each be short 1 tag as 1 person from each of those groups didn't submit tags. Therefore, each person in groups 4 & 5 will be getting one of their tags back.

Thanks again for a great swap, everyone's tags were AMAZING!!!! ***

Hi everyone and welcome to the June swap!

If you received an email from me, you're in! I'm so super excited about this month's swap and I hope you all find the optional challenge FUN and explore some new sides of crafting along with me! :-)

Here are the groups:

Group 1 (Make 8 tags, keep 1 for yourself)
Sherry (received)
Maria M. (received)
Emilie B. (received)
Shannon (received)
Lily (received)
Natasha (received)
Dianne L. (received)
Robert (received)

Group 2 (Make 8 tags, keep 1 for yourself)
Dawn (received)
Sharon (received)
Arlene (received)
Cindy (received)
Sylvia (received)
Ivett (received)
Leslie (received)
Krystal (received)

Group 3 (Make 8 tags, keep 1 for yourself)
Heather (received)
Eve (received)
Najat (received)
Rina (received)
Tmika (received)
Danielle (received)
Kathy L. (received)
Stephanie (received)

Group 4 (Make 8 tags, keep 1 for yourself)
Karen K.
Angie (received)
Heather Potter (received)
Rosa (received)
Sarah N. (received)
Connie (received)
Lela (received)
Vangie (received)

Group 5 (Make 8 tags, keep 1 for yourself)
Joanne B. (received)
Tammy N. (received)
Becky (received)
Tracy M. (received)
Olinda (received)
Emily M. (received)
Angelic (received)

Here are the details for the tag swap:


* CHALLENGE: VINTAGE / COLLAGE (Click HERE for more information on "collage.")

* Please make your tag with good quality, heavy card stock or back with light chipboard for stability

* Your tag should be sized at 2 ¾ x 5 inches or larger (tag shape can vary; the shipping tags from Staples are smaller than required; postcard shape is OK)

* All the tags you create should be identical
* Include at least one embellishment on your tag (i.e. flower, bling, charm, ribbon, etc.)
* Please don’t forget to include your name and YouTube or blog URL on the back of your work so we all know whose work it is

* Place your tags in a plastic zipper type bag to prevent possible water damage during shipment.

**Important Update on Shipping**:

Domestic Swappers (US based): Include a self-addressed/self-stamped envelope with your tags. The stamps should total at least the same amount of postage as it took to mail the tags to me. Any postage stamps not used will be returned to you. NO metered strips please. Please do not send cash.

International Swappers (Canada or Other): Include a pre-addressed envelope with your tags for me to ship the swapped tags to you. If your PayPal account is under a different email address than the one you used to sign-up, please email it to me. I will PayPal you an invoice for the shipping costs. The swapped tags will be mailed to you when the PayPal payment is confirmed.

Your tags need to be in my hands no later than June 30, 2010. I will ship the swapped tags to participants within a week so long as I have everyone’s tags on time. Any delays in receiving the tags will delay shipment for others so please be considerate of the deadline.

NOTE: By signing up for this tag swap, you are obligating yourself to follow through with your tags. But if for some reason you need to drop out of the swap (things in life happen, so don't worry) please notify me as soon as possible to prevent the least amount of inconvenience to the other swappers in your group. Thanks so much! :-)

If you don't already have my mailing address, email me once you're ready to mail out your tags and I will send you my mailing address. I’m at

One last note... I do a YouTube video of everyone's tags once I receive all of them. If you would like me to include your YouTube name or Blogger URL in the video, please include it in the back of your tags.

Thanks for participating, and HAVE FUN creating!! Can’t wait to see everyone’s masterpieces!

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