Friday, December 16, 2011

More Custom Christmas Ornaments!

Hey everyone! WOW... doesn't it feel like the days for like 100MPH faster during the holidays?! It's like I blinked and all my Christmas projects are like DUE! LOL! Cards for family and friends... altrered picture frames and albums... will I ever get them all done in time? My fingers are crossed! :-)

Today I wanted to share more customer Christmas ornaments I created, but this time they are made using the plastic ornaments from Michael's and a bunch of goodies!

Here are some pics...

I used a rosette from the Jade flower trim and layered it onto a larger rosette from my stash. The center is a ribbon buckle I purchased on eBay with a 1/2 back pearl in the center. The ornament is stuffed with this super glittery netting I found in the Christmas section at Michaels. The "hanger" was made using the Medium White Flower Trim.  I added the Shabby Chic porcelain ribbon center flowers in Pink/White to the base of the ornament cap. I added 2 large Off-White Flowers and accented around them with the Capped Rhinestones, Wheat leaves in 3 Tone Pink, Mini Clear Crystal Flowers,  and a Small White Butterfly.

Here's a close-up...

Click HERE to watch my video of these fun Christmas Ornaments!

Happy Holidays!



Uniquely Ella said...

Gorgeous, I love it.

butterflyamanda said...

WOW! your talent amazes me Arlene hope you and your family have a wonderful christmas and a happy new year! huggs Amanda

AtStudioD said...

Beautiful Arlene... you always do amazing work!!

x0, Damaris

Anonymous said...

Simply Stunning!! I so glad I found your blog, thank you for sharing something so beautiful. Merry Christmas!!