Friday, March 19, 2010

Tags, tags and more TAGS! and more FLOWERS, too!

Hi again everyone! What can I say... I'm addicted to making tags! Always have been, always will be. hehehe! :-) Here are some new tags I made... Hope you likey! I'm also including some pics of more flowers I made... another addiction. These lollipop flowers are so easy and fun to make, try it out! :-)

Thanks for stopping by all! Muuuu-aaah! Have a great weekend! :-)

Arlene :-)

This tag has a home in Canada with my buddy Michelle! Hi Michelle! Michelle is "1MichelleJoy" on YouTube. I am shipping her this tag with other goodies. :-)

This tag has a home in Florida with Sarah K ("kaczsk" on YouTube) Sarah put together a wonderful, awesome "call to action" for the YouTube community to come together to create a page for a mini album that will be put together in dedication to Somer Thompson. It's a gift to Somer's mom Diena in commemoration of Somer... what an awesome thing to put together. This tag, along with the flowers included at the bottom of this post and more goodies are on the way to Sarah to say THANK YOU for being such a wonderful person! HUGS to you Sarah!!

Here are more of the lollipop flowers I made... I love these so much! I have fun packaging them up and sharing them with ladies I swap with or to send a personal thank you. :-)


Banner Market said...

What grand tage. I love the detail of the stamps :) your flowers are to die for too. Do you sell them? If so Id love to purhase some from you. Beautiful! You are AWESOME!
Have a great weekend too.
Cheers Gina

Miranda said...

You are so inspiring. I love what you did with the new stamps. And your flowers are awesome! Am always looking forward to your videos. Thank you for making them. I sure do enjoy them. Thank you.

Kylie said...

Beautiful tags Arlene! Love your lollipop flowers, stunning!
I with Gina, do you sell your flowers? I have tried in vain to make the silk lollipop ones and your lovely SU! 5 petal punch ones, their just not working for me lol, all I'm ending up with is Grey hair roflol!
LOVE the images too!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Take Care,
Kylie X

Joanna said...

beautiful cards, your work is amazing Arlene.

Bobbie Lynn said...

Those are so beautiful. The lady images, are they rubber stamp? if they are where can i buy some?

Bobbie Lynn said...

Okay, I just saw your video and the images are rubber stamps. Who makes those beautiful stamps? Thanks for the video and that tag is beautiful.

Unknown said...

what can i say??? I'm speechless. I've been following your blog for a while now and you have amazing stuff. You have a natural talent. Its so inspiring and really makes me want to craft all the time. You have great ideas!! Thank you for sharing.

Arlene said...

Hi Bobbie Lynn, I bought the Vintage Lady stamp from a seller on eBay that goes by the name of "fivegreengoldfish." She carries a cool selection of vintage stamps. Thanks for stopping by! :-)


VERY GORGEOUS!!! Your flowers are stunning Ar!!! Everything from the colors to the feathers and trims....YOU ROCK!! Hugs, T