Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving in Vegas!

Hi everyone! I have been MIA again... and my poor blog has been dated. I'm so sorry! Work has been super busy as we approach the holidays... and the holidays approaching has made things even MORE super busy with just everything! :-( But yet I still manage to find the minimal time I have to scrap and relax. ;-) Oh... and shop. hehe! :-)

I just got back from a long weekend in Las Vegas. We celebrated Thanksgiving at my parents' "2nd home" out in Las Vegas. It was a GREAT time! I love being with family and just "disconnecting" from life for a few days. :-) My younger brother, Rico, got engaged during the Thanksgiving dinner prayer/toast. It was soooooo exciting to be part of the "planning TEAM"... hehehe! My soon to be sister-in-law was soooo super surprised, it was priceless to see the look on her face when her parents "popped" in the room during the proposal. She was literally in tears! Her parents traveled in from Southern California to celebrate the occasion with us. What an AWESOME time! Here are a few pictures from our Thanksgiving in Las Vegas! Oh, and I received my mini album swap from Veronica Torres, which was part of the November TWS swap hosted by Kathryn. I can't wait to throw some pictures up on this blog once I fill up the gorgeous mini with our Las Vegas pics. Stay tuned for that! :-) Have a great week everyone!

hugs, Arlene :-)

Me and my littlest man, Logan.

Jay, Logan, me, Jarrod & Dylan.

I attached the ring to the charm on Sharon's champagne glass. She didn't even notice it. I told my little bro to do something different other than poppin' open a ring box. You should have seen Sharon's face when Rico spinned the ring on the glass stem... she didn't have a clue it was there! LOL! :-)

The happy couple, Sharon & Rico! Congrats guys! Love ya!!

Sharon, Rico, Mom & Dad.

Rico, Sharon, me & Jay.

*Not pictured: my older brother Rodel... who couldn't join us, due to work. We missed you bro!! :-(


Anonymous said...

Lovely family Arlene! Your look just like your beautiful mom.

Tfriday said...

Wow, Arlene, how exciting!!! Congrats to your bro on his engagement. Super cool and a very cute couple indeed. Love all the pics. TFS !! Friday

Unknown said...

I have to agree with Vangie Arlene, you look like your Mum. Your brother is such a handsome guy too. Very attractive family. Congrats to your brother and his brand new fiance Sharon. Oh by the way Arlene, people who make nasty comments on your you tube channel obviously have nothing better to do with their time. I for one love all your videos even though I live in Australia it still gives me ideas on hunting for things I could use in my own albums and cards etc, so please never stop doing your haul videos, I love them.

Jude said...

Oh Arlene, ant it cool when you have a sis like you to bring the crative side out in him. What an awsome time you must of had, and you have Christmas 2 celebrate yet.
Thank U for sharing, really treasured photo's.
Arohanui XXxx

Stephanie (steffogal1) said...

OMG!! HOW WONDERFUL .. Makes my heart all mushy!! Your soon-to-be sister in law is stunning gorgeous!! :) your brother is a cutie too.. and you and your honey are ah!! Happy cute couple!!" congrats !! thanks for sharing.. AND HOPE YOU HAD SOME TIME TO PLAY in Vegas!! :)
with a grin,

Creative Genealogy Scrapbooking said...

You have a beautiful family.